Hello! Thanks for taking the time to look through my work. As you've hopefully seen, I'm a photojournalist, photo-documentarian, and visual storyteller based in Charlotte, NC. I studied Studio Art at Davidson College, creating works of art that melded together classical techniques and my own Southern heritage. Instead of pursing a career as a practicing artist, I found my calling as a photographer through my work in the College Communications Office documenting student life and activities. Nonetheless, through my art I found a deep desire to capture and tell the stories I grew up with in Jackson, Mississippi, and to find, hear, and capture the ones elsewhere in the world like them.

I love getting to know people and hearing the interesting stories they have to tell and have yet to meet someone without them. I look for jobs that let me travel, and readily seek exploration and adventure. I love meat, but would totally eat it if it were grown in a lab. I find pleasure in old things left on a shelf a long time ago. I'm an ok drummer and still try to maintain something of an artistic practice, doing both when I can. I'm in my early 20s, am slowly realizing that the "professional soccer player" dream is dead, and have a bad tendency to take the TV remote with me when I leave the room.

I hope to be able to tell your story. 

- J.W.

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